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How does it work?

  1. Fill out the form with a description of your character or the image you want. Remember, you will be billed per character. We operate on the $10/character minimum policy. We will work on adding tiers.
  2. Artists will be able to view your requests. If an artist likes you/your character and the price you have chosen, they will contact you with their information. You may accept or reject.
  3. The artist will invoice your PayPal and once payment has been rendered they will begin on your request.
  4. You can accept or reject the payment info. No services are rendered until payment is rendered.
  5. They will deliver your request via your preferred contact information and you may discuss feedback and or changes if necessary. Be courteous.
  6. Enjoy your arts.

What do I get for X amount of money?

We get a variety of artists with different skills in time, quality and quantity. Being able to balance all three of these is difficult. Each artist is assessed by the quality of their work and what they can offer at ten dollars. Some artists may be able to do as much as flat color, some may only offer sketches. If you have a preference and would like a lower detailed colored piece over a detailed sketch, please note that in your request and an applicable approved artist will contact you!

If you wish to pay more, simply put the number you wish to pay in the title as well as the quality level and ink/sketch/color etc that you expect from said extra.

What if my artist sucks?

We go through a lot of efforts to ensure the artists are top quality with a good rapport. If you manage to get a piece you're dissatisfied with, contact the artist for resolution. If they feel that they did their best for the request, and/or their edits are not up to your standard, contact us for a refund. Do not skip paying their PayPal. They did the work, they deserve the money. Repeated poor performance from artists will result in being let go from our site.

What does it cost to be an artist?

We humbly ask that when you get a commission from this site that you, as an artist, pass on a small part of the money you receive, one dollar as a donation to keep the site running and to fill the refund pool for dissatisfied customers/ PayPal scammers. We're going to operate by the honor system. If someone renegs payment from you, contact us and we will withdraw from that pool to protect you, the artist, by giving you that money back. Contact administration asap. If, by some chance, your account overdrafts or some other horrible incident from a PayPal reject, we will try to help you with associated fees. All this protection and more is a service we will offer to our loyal artists. This is also a future project of ours gearing towards furry art protection against theft and more. We've purchased a website and are having it developed. Furry Art Protection Service.

How do I become an artist?

Just ask! Send an email to admin@swapfuzzy.com with a sample of your work. We can't accept everyone but don't give up! We need to ensure you have a good track record of satisfying clients and have quality work. Please include links to work that you feel you could fulfill for ten dollars. Please also include a link to your main art sites so that we can evaluate your skills and verify you!